Our Story

Whiskey Creek Farm is no ordinary placeā€¦
A small paradise tucked in the foothills of beautiful Mount Arrowsmith just 15 minutes from downtown Qualicum.

What we are all about
Fresh seasonal local food – Since 1994 we have specialized in free-range poultry selling direct to our customers.

Our animals
Raised with kindness traditional natural methods – They have open spaces to roam to meet their natural needs along with interaction with the other critters.

Food and lodging for the animals
Our feed is milled on the Island to our specifications, without medications, GMO free, no corn, no soya. The day ends with everyone housed in warm, dry, safe barns. Here on the farm we are so thankful to have an artesian well, fed from the Arrowsmith Glacier.

The Cluck Stops Here
We have our own on-site Government Inspected Abattoir (known as ‘The Cluck Stops Here’) that has been serving the farming community since 1996.

Whiskey Creek Farm
We are dedicated to offering clean, safe food, nurturing the soil and treating our animals with the respect they deserve.